Tuesday, 7 July 2020

What is Public Service Commission Exam and How to Prepare?


The Public Service Commission (PSC) in India is constitutionally mandated (Articles 315 – 323) to assist the respective state governments in matters of recruitment, transfers and disciplinary actions. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the prestigious IAS Exam every year. The IAS Exam is the common entry point for 20-odd Group A and Group B services.

Similarly, the State Public Service Commission conducts recruitment exams which act as an entry point for coveted services in the state administration.

WBPSC - Syllabus, Eligibility and Notifications

The West Bengal Public Service Commission conducts the state Civil Services Exam named WBCS (EXE) Exam. The exam takes place annually or as and when the Commission announces the date. The WBPSC exam is a three-tier examination-


WBCS Mains 2020, scheduled from 27th June 2020, also stand postponed until revised dates are announced by the commission. The syllabus remains the same as announced previously. Ni new changes or updates have been announced yet.

How to prepare for PSC examinations?

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, people finally have the chance to take public service commission coaching. Even though you might not be able to go for physical coaching, there are a lot of ways to continue your coaching studies.

Institutes like GSCE which are known to be the top banking coaching in Kolkata is also an excellent coaching institute for PSC preparation. Here you will get the updated education and top coaching experience.

Let us give you some tips as to how you can crack these examinations with optimum preparation.

Follow the syllabus topic wise

Get through the syllabus topic wise. This way the entire syllabus would be covered and you will not miss any essential chapter which is crucial for the preparation. The syllabus is pretty huge and topic wise learning helps you not miss any spot.

All topics are equally important therefore; do not falter over them as well.

Solve question papers

GSCE will give you an abundance of question papers and sample papers. Some of them would be previous years' papers and rest would be sample papers. Solve as many as you can. Solving question papers would help you get the gist of the entire syllabus without really having to sit for the examination.

It also teaches time management and solving questions within the given time. Most students fail to complete the paper properly within the given time. This is a big drawback of examinations like these.

Bring doubts into the doubt clearing classes

The doubt clearing sessions are mean for you to make full use of them. Make sure you are doing a thorough revision of the syllabus before the doubt clearing classes. When you bring doubts then it helps you revise through the whole syllabus all over again with efficiency.

It is a must-follow step for students who are passionate about cracking the examination at one go.

Follow these three guidelines while you are in PSC coaching at GSCE and you are good to go.

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